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Getting started with the SAFHIR Product Suite Page These brief instructions will help you get started quickly with the SAFHIR platform from Onyx.
Member Help Page This section of documentation provides education materials for consumers when they choose to share their health data with third-party apps.
Member Help Navigation Page The sidebar navigation uses a jQuery component called Navgoco. The sidebar is a somewhat complex part of the theme that remembers your current page, highligh…
SAFHIR API Documentation Page SAFHIR API Documentation. Links to Capability Statements, Swagger documentation and FHIR Implementation guides to assist developers implement support for the…
Release Notes Page Release Notes
Release notes 3.0 Page Version 3.0 of the SAFHIR Platform.
Release notes 3.1.1 [DRAFT] Page Version 3.1.1 of the SAFHIR platform
Patch Release notes 3.1.2 Page Patch Release of SAFHIR 3.1.1 - May 21,2021
Release notes 3.1 (Preview Edition) Page Version 3.1 (Preview) of the SAFHIR platform
Release notes Data 2.4 Page Data Ingestion Release 2.4
Release notes Data 2.5 Page Data Ingestion Release 2.5
Release notes Data 2.6 Page Data Ingestion Release 2.6
Release notes Data 2.7 Page Data Ingestion Release 2.7
Release notes Data 2.8 Page Data Ingestion Release 2.8
Release notes Data 2.9 Page Data Ingestion Release 2.9
Release 3.1.1 Edition Post Release 3.1 Edition released on April 9, 2021
Release 3.1 Preview Edition Post Release 3.1 Preview Edition released on April 9, 2021
FAQs Answered Post SAFHIR FAQs with answers