Data Ingestion Release 2.9

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Data Ingestion - Claims Release Notes 2.9


  1. “PipelineType” and “DuplicateRows” Count columns added to Audit and Error logs tables respectively
  2. Included Clinical Pipelines - Audit & Error Logging
  3. Identifier Data length of greater than 200 varchars are validated for Clinical pipelines so that those records are filtered out of preprocessing
  4. Folder Partition for Audit & Error Logging Reports
  5. JSON and DONE - Stored Procedure changes to CommonAuditLog report
  6. JSON and DONE for Clinical
  7. Move the reports to customer SHIR folder

    Internal client-specific changes

  8. Preprocessing changes in client-specific environments to include line number increment where required.


N/A in this release


N/A in this release


  1. Increase Practitioner partition sizes to 75 in DF_Practitioner to deal with larger file sizes.
  2. Clinical url added in meta for Practitioner and Organization


  1. Clinical url added in meta for Practitioner and Organization

Explanation of Benefits

  1. Procedure code correction in professional, previously it was mapped to wrong procedure code column.
  2. Added facility in outpatient (claim site of service NPI)
  3. The Transform folder structure has been updated for the POST files for EOB Professional, EOB Pharmacy, EOB Outpatient.

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