Release 3.1 Preview Edition released on April 9, 2021

Onyx announces the latest release of SAFHIR, Release 3.1 (Preview Edition). This release brings significant security enhancements as part of our Private Endpoint feature.

See the Release Notes here SAFHIR Release 3.1 Preview Edition

Private Endpoints

Private Endpoints has segregated the services that comprise SAFHIR with databases and compute capabilities segregated into secure sub-networks that are protected by Application Gateways and Firewalls.

Developer Portal

Onyx is releasing the first iteration of our re0imagined Developer Portal. This will be the one-stop shop for consumer application developers to register their apps and request access to our client’s FHIR APIs that are served up by the SAFHIR platform. The Developer Portal will channel API access requests to the Payer portal in our clients’ SAFHIR environments where they will make the decision on whether to grant access to the applications.

Swagger Documentation

WE are releasing a set of optional APIs that enable a client to incorporate information into their member portal or other web properties. These APIs are modeled on work we did for CMS on the Blue Button 2.0 API project. The three APIs are:

  1. Marketplace API: Providing a list of apps that the payer has approved for use.
  2. App Dashboard API: Providing a list of apps that an individual member has connected to their health data via the SAFHIR APIs.
  3. Revocation API: Providing a mechanism for the member to send an instruction to revoke access of an app they had previously connected to their data.