Data Ingestion Release 2.6

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Data Ingestion - Claims Release Notes 2.6


  1. NPI value is incorrect. Column Swapping of primary key didn’t happen.


N/A in this release


N/A in this release


  1. System Value is incorrect. Current value is “”. Expected value is
  2. Practitioner birthdate missing. Data provided in source file - BIRTHDATE ADDED
  3. Gender is incorrect. Gender data provided in as M or F
  4. Name order incorrect. Practitioner family name should be Murch and given name should be Scott R. The code takes first word as given name and rest as family name. Need to be clear how names are coming in, is it [surname, firstname] in source file or [firstname, surname], the code addresses second condition.


  1. Organization.identifier.system value is incorrect. - Replaced the system value

Explanation of Benefits

N/A in this release

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