Version 3.0 of the SAFHIR Platform.

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Version v3.

Implementation Guide Coverage

Implementation Guides    
Name Version Changes
/base 4.0.1
/carin-bb 1.0.0
/formulary 1.0.0
/plannet 1.0.0
/uscore 3.1.1


PR Description Status
9529 Swagger UI link on FITE breaks for new IGs added after refresh Resolved
9649 FITE is not handling failure during capability statement parsing Resolved
9683 OpenAPI UI pages should include a category other than Default Resolved
9684 FITE Capability statements are outdated Resolved
9744 Swagger search parameters are not being created in search-type responses Resolved
9507 Support PractitionerRole in SLAP for uscore scopes Resolved
9617 FITE needs to have its own app settings for fhir credentials Resolved
9499 Update FHIRConverter to support USCore resource output per profiles and their specs Resolved
9520 Not all resources in FITE are scoped to the fhirUser Closed
9509 Test entities naming convention is not case-sensitive. Automation logic does not treat “rbhy dev” same as “Rbhy dev” Closed
9527 B2C App registration update was updating the app registrations with public client urls causeing token to fail Resolved
9502 Not all scopes are shown in Swagger UI Closed
9515 Fix Pipeline Cancel Support Resolved
9517 Dependent jobs are not triggered Resolved
9500 Test System creation automation logic: SMART on FHIR checkbox is not getting checked Resolved
9504 DevOps - Jobs are being canceled if dependent jobs are not run Resolved


PR Description Status
8923 Refactor Touchstone code to integrate automated test system creation flow through CI CD Closed
9614 Cleanup continues deployment pipeline Closed
8326 Work with team on items needed for ADO migration Closed
3583 Add migration logic to migrate existing environments to the new infrastructure Closed

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