Connecting to MoveMyHealthData using OpenID Connect

Partner Identity Service Integration

When a partner wants to integrate with a connection must be established between the Partner’s Member Identity Service and MoveMyHealthData (MMHD). The standard connection method is to use the OpenID Connect protocol. Other standards-based integrations can be supported. Such as supporting the SMART-on-FHIR app launch protocol.

Open ID Connect Support

Partners must supply a set of OAuth2.0 app credentials that support OpenID Connect to enable MMHD to support member/patient login using partner’s Identity Service.

The “sub” field of the Partner IDP’s or Application’s access token’s body will contain the member/patient identifying ID in the Partner’s IDP.

FHIR Patient API

The Partner should also expose a secure FHIR US Core Patient Profile REST API with appropriate client credentials. This API should support a query to the Patient REST API using the Member/Patient identifying ID provided in the access token’s body. This allows MMHD to associate records retrieved from a target data provider (typically a health plan) with the Partner’s Member/Patient.