How does the Data Migration Service work?

SAFHIR Data Migration Service

This service is available to clients who have joined the ONYX Accredited Partner Program.

There is an integration and licensing fee for this service.

MoveMyHealthData is integrated with the Partner’s application to enable:

  • Deep link to a custom Partner login screen
  • User of Partner’s application would login with application credentials
  • Automated transfer of FHIR bundle of member-authorized migrated data from MoveMyHealthData connected FHIR endpoints. Automated transfer would be via one of the following methods:
    • SFTP Push
    • Authenticated connection to Partner provided cloud-based blob storage

Service Fees:

Integration Fees will be based upon Organization Revenue:

SFTP / Blob Storage upload Integration Fee:

Special Program Launch Fee: $5,000

The Special Program Launch Fee is a limited time offer for the first 3 organizations to sign up for the Data Migration Service.

Revenue Integration Fee
Startups (Annual revenue less than $1m) $10,000
Annual Revenue less than $10m $15,000
Annual Revenue greater than $10m $25,000

Custom Integrations: $50,000 For example: Direct record upload to FHIR store, Conversion from FHIR to custom format.

Transaction-based License Fees:

Transaction Volume Fee
<500 Transfers $500
<1,000 Transfers $750
<3,000 Transfers $1,000
<5,000 Transfers $1,300
More than 5,000 Transfers Custom pricing

Integration Requirements:

  • OpenID Connect integration to partner’s Identity Service.