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FAQ Page Learn about the search bundles returned by a FHIR server and how to page through the records in a search set.
FAQ: Does a colon in a field name in the data ingestion guide have a special meaning? Page What is the meaning of a colon in the field name in the SAFHIR Data Guide
FAQ: What is the difference between Claim Primary Payer Identifier and Claim Payer Identifier? Page Understand the difference between Claim Primary Payer Identifier and Claim Payer Identifier in the Claims data guide.
FAQ: What language codes are used for formulary and clinical data? Page Understand the full set of language codes that are used for clinical anf formulary-related profiles.”
FAQ: Why do some code systems not display in the FHIR specification? Page Understand why some code systems don’t display or resolve in the FHIR Specification.
FAQ: Is there a source for the language tags code system? Page Understand where you can obtain a full set of language codes for use in the language related data elmeents in FHIR.
FAQ: Is there an ExplanationOfBenefit profile for Hearing Encounter Data? Page Understand what ExplanationOfBenefit Profiles there are, if any, for Hearing-related claims.
FAQ: Where are the ExplanationOfBenefit profiles in the SAFHIR Data Ingestion Guides? Page Understand how SAFHIR uses the CPCDS layouts to create ExplanationOfBenefit FHIR profiles from a Payer’s claim data.
Where are the Network resources in the Provider Directory API? Page When I try to use the Network endpoint in Plan-Net I get an error. What is going on?
How should updated ExplanationOfBenefits records be handled? Page When a Health Plan publishes an ExplanationOfBenefit there can always be changes. This article provides some options for handling those changes.