Understand how to access the SAFHIR APIs

Q: How do I access SAFHIR APIs?

There are two steps to gaining access to the available APIs:

  1. Register for a SAFHIR Developer account.

    Once you have been approved for access to the SAFHIR Developer Sandbox you can move to the next step.

  2. Apply for access to an API environment.

    The SAFHIR Developer Sandbox has all available FHIR APIs available and the approval process is simple to complete.

    For access to production APIs made available by Health Plans using the SAFHIR Interoperability Platform you will need to make the appropriate application access request. This will require you to provide information such as the items identified below:

    • Link to your Privacy Policy
    • Link to your Terms of Service
    • Link to any certifications or attestations. We encourage all SAFHIR Developers to attest to the CARIN Code of Conduct.
    • A customer Support Number
    • A description of the consumer benefits of your application.
    • Application Name
    • Application Logo

Your application will be passed to the Health Plan where they will review and provide an approval for your request.

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